Islam and democracy - part three

Fjordman has published part III of his ongoing series "Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?". An snippet:
The Syrian-born poet Ali Ahmad Sa'id, known by his pseudonym Adonis, says that "If the Arabs are so inept that they cannot be democratic by themselves, they can never be democratic through the intervention of others. If we want to be democratic, we must be so by ourselves."

According to Adonis, the underlying structure of Arab societies is a structure of slavery, not of liberty: "Some human beings are afraid of freedom. When you are free, you have to face reality, the world in its entirety. You have to deal with the world's problems, with everything. On the other hand, if we are slaves, we can be content and not have to deal with anything. Just as Allah solves all our problems, the dictator will solve all our problems."
There are probably two more essays to come before the whole thing is complete.

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The FF updated accordingly.

[UPDATE001] And at the Gates of Vienna: Multiculturalism and the Enlightenment, an interesting piece tracing the roots of Multi-cul back to the 18th century.

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