Straight from the horses mouth - part IX

Via Isaac Schrödinger on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance a blog by an American muslim who makes no secret of what jihad means:
Even though the killing of non-combatants is forbidden in Islam, the fact is that jihad is still obligatory. And not that leaflet jihad. Not that pamphlet jihad. Only the same jihad we’re scared to talk about is obligatory and is the solution, which is exactly why the authorities come for those who promote or exercise it. If our struggle is here in the US, then it is still going to have to be a physical struggle, a violent one, in which those who choose to fight us or suppress Shariah for Muslims are shot to death and some of us are also killed. A violent one in which we kill and die in Allah’s path.
Allah does not oppress and is not tempted to oppress, so why would Allah hustle his creation with a false promise of paradise? His promise of paradise is genuine, and it is for the sincere repenters and those who go out in Allah's way and fight in it until death overtakes them. They're forgiven for their sins at the first drop of blood, and they're shown a glimpse of their place in paradise as they're dying, and they're spared from the questioning of the grave after their burial. They're indeed the fortunate ones.
Save the demonstrations for the disbelievers who will actually listen, but for the worst of them, show your assault rifle and do not retreat from them.

And seriously, I am not making this up.

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