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Time for updates on a number of things this blog has occupied itself with.

First, do we remember the story of the small white cross? This small monument to victims of the Nazi occupation was moved to facilitate the building of the Wester mosque, a rather... ehmmm, ambitious project. Built in the style of architecture known as the Amsterdam School, this mosque was to be *the* example of moderate, modern, Dutch islam.

And it won't be built (NL). The three major partners in the project, the Rabo Bank, housing society Het Oosten and Milli Gorüs North Netherlands, formed the company Manderer BV to build the thing. As a part of the deal they all signed a convenant to ensure that the management of the mosque would not fall into the hands of radical elements.

The whole thing had gotten off to a rocky start to begin with (NL). The previous president of Manderer BV, Üzeyir Kabaktepe was replaced after accusations of mismanagement and fraud, to the tune of at least 800,000 euros. His replacement, Fatih Ucler Dag, was recruited from Milli Gorüs Germany, the head office of Milli Gorüs North Netherlands, and notoriously 'conservative', which is to say: radical islamist. There's a reason Milli Gorüs Germany is considered a security issue in Germany.

The convenant was to ensure the Wester mosques independence from Milli Gorüs Germany, thus ensuring a moderate form of islam was still possible within the confines of teh Wester mosque. But the board of mosque now refuse to adhere to it. They say the convenant was signed under duress, because Het Oosten and the Baarsjes burrough council threatened to pull out of the project if the convenant was not signed, and thus invalid. So now the other two partners are pulling out of the project alltogether. Sic transit gloria mundi... or something.


Then there was the awful, awful story about Dutch troops in Afghanistan torturing Taliban with blacked out ski masks, loud music and splashes of water. The alledged 'crimes', that had taken place in 2003, were published by the Volkskrant 4 days before the general elections.

As it turns out, this was a friendly one-two between the PvdA (Labour) and the Volkskrant (NL) to embarass the government. One of the new MPs for the PvdA, Ton Heerts, assisted the Volkskrant writer on 'how to interpret data' in the worst possible light and gathering information on his own for the 'story'.

Question is now: Did Heerts' superiours within the PvdA, and particularly Wouter Bos, Labour leader and possible vice-PM in the new cabinet being negotiated as you read this, know about this?


The other day Ferdy wrote about Dutch troops drinking tea with the Taliban (presumably to make up for the splashes of water and the loud music). The 'Dutch approach', you see: Serve tea and all your problems will disappear.

But things are getting even more counter productive as this piece at NIS makes clear (with thanks to Fjordman):
The Netherlands is considering financing a Koran school in Afghanistan. The population of Uruzgan has a need for this, according to Governor Abdul Hakim Munib.
Supposedly, this madrassa is going to be 'moderate'. But it'd still be teaching 'death to the infidel', won't it? Because that is what it says in the Koran. So the Dutch are going to pay for the ideological training of their own future enemies? There's a Dutch saying that says one should only start mopping when the faucet's turned off. Am I the only one thinking this is turning the faucet wide open?


And lastly: new Fjordman Files! Two of them.

First there's a piece at Gates of Vienna entitled Marxism or Decadence? The Cause of Western Weakness in which Fjordman takes a long hard look at the Wests biggest enemy: Us.

And second, over at Brussels Journal, a relatively short one called France and the Iranian Revolution highlighting the dubious role of former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing in the formation of Irans mad mullahcracy. And you Yanks thought Jimmy Carter was bad...

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