All the halal you can eat

Belgium is surrendering faster then even the French to their new Eurabian masters: From now on schools in Antwerp will only serve halal food (NL) during school trips:
Schools in Antwerp will stop serving pig meat during school trips and outings and will only serve halal meat. This according to a letter the Antwerp alderman for parents sent to parents of schoolchildren.

Many parents do not exactly agree with the new policy, the Flemish daily De Morgen reported on Monday. Untill last year the parents had a choice including halal, vegetarian and according to dietary needs.

The socialist alderman for education doesn't see a problem: 'The typical childrens dish, like spaghetti, are still possible, one doesn't taste the difference'. Animal rights organisation Gaia asserts that animals are not anaesthetized during ritual slaughter and suffer awfully.
But what of the vegetarians, or the Hindi, for that matter? Anyway, the fact that 'one doesn't taste the difference' is hardly the point. Even if it were true, which it is not.

The point here is that yet again the vast majority is made to comply with the dietary wishes of a small minority. And why specifically this one tiny minority and not others? Because they have loud mouths and our betters know not how to tell them: 'Oh shut up and get a life!'

However, in the case of the socialist alderman there might be no small measure of political expediency. Antwerp is a 'notorious' Vlaams Belang stronghold, and unless the multi-cul rabble are able to mobilize the immigrant vote (1) they stand to be obliterated in any election.

We may here see the contours of the first practical example of governing elites electing a new people to govern. What is the penalty for high treason in Belgium?

(1) See also this at Islam in Europe

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