At least they're honest about it

The Amsterdam burrough 'De Baarsjes' has been featured before on KV, mostly in connection with the saga around the Wester mosque that will or will not, or will after all, be built. Despite warning signs that after completion the mosque will fall into the hands of the ultra-conservative, anti-integration German chapter of Milli Görüs. Especially of the really left side of teh Dutch political spectrum the project can count on unwavering support.

Given that the left claims to stand up of the little guy, not to mention the little, oppressed gall, it is kind of puzzling why they would lend support to a project that will, in all likelihood, give the most backward, mysoginous, intolerant strain of islam a string foothold in Amsterdam (and Dutch) society.

But for those who are wondering Coos Hoebe (NL, but there's a picture), the fraction leader of Groen Links (Green Left) Amsterdam - De Baarsjes, provides all the explanation one needs. In fact, he gives an excellent insight into what the real drive behind 'solidarity with the common man' means in leftwing circles. In a kind of FAQ on the forum in Linkse Lente (Leftwing Spring. Don't ask...) he spells out the views of Groen Links (NL) with regard to the goings in the Wester mosque saga.

In it he admits to having reservations about the secret contract that would hand over the Wester mosque to Milli Görüs Germany and confirms unequivocally that they are a scary club of people, with views on homosexuality and the position of women that do not mesh with the views held by Groen Links. Mr Hoebe is also not altogether happy with 'foreign financing' of the Wester mosque. But all of this doesn't matter, because in the end
About 25% of mosque-goers voted for Groen Links in the burrough elections
Ah, well, that's loud and clear, then. It's not about 'solidarity' or a just society. It isn't about principles. It is about power. The fraction of Groen Links is willing to overlook it's own principles for a goodly portion of the muslim vote in De Baarsjes.

Glad we got that cleared up now!

(h/t Het Vrije Volk)

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