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I've added a new entry in the list of Euro blogs: The Road to Euro Serfdom (or EU Serf for short). An indispensable site for those, like me, who want to stay abreast of the decidedly undemocratic misschief the EU is up to.

Go have a look-see, there's a lot to be found there. Be sure to read one of EU Serfs key piece, though: Why the EU is Unreformable. Money quote:
Viewed from the prism of free market oriented Anglo Saxon philosophy, the EU is little short of ridiculous. Rules have to be made which describe in detail every little thing that we are allowed to buy, every transaction is subject to the permission of our rulers. The metric martyrs were a tragic example of rules overrides common sense.

Unfortunately whilst we delight (or at least used to) in a legal system that allows everything that is not banned, our friends across the channel for the most part are disallowed that which is not specifically permitted. This simple fact lies at the heart of everything that is pathetic and useless about the EU. Our system, had we preserved it needs far less rules than Napoleon’s alternative. To us, the idea that in order to trade, we need to harmonise everything is a self evident stupidity. To the French, its just self evident.

So like a Protestant living in a Catholic monastery, we are completely incompatible with the culture and rules around us, and more importantly, our chance of changing anything is zero.

One other addition: No More Spin. A blog from the land of the freedom fries, home of the brief attention span *grin*, that has a refreshingly genuine interest in the goings-on beyond the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

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