The New Soviets

Some two month ago we wrote on this modest blog:
It thus seems the greatest threat of global warming is NOT climatic upheaval (or downheaval, who knows?) and the disasters it might or might not bring. Humans have been around for quite a while and have survived and are surviving in even the most extreme of climatic conditions.

No, the greatest threat seems to be that the meme of man-made global warming is used by ailing tranzi organisations as yet another stick to beat the average citizen (and national government) into submission.
It seems in the UK they're already there. As in the old Soviet Union the greenly inclined Labour government is of teh opinion that education equals indoctrination:
Teenagers will learn about the threat to the environment from climate change and what they can do about it, under reforms to geography teaching.

They will be encouraged to recycle consumer goods and to question whether they really need another imported pair of trainers. Other topics to be studied include the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, said: “With rising sea temperatures, melting ice-caps and frequent reminders about our carbon footprints, we should all be thinking about what we can do to preserve the planet. Children are the key to changing society’s attitudes to the environment. Not only are they passionate about saving the planet but children also have a big influence over their own families’ lifestyles.”

Samizdata rightly observes:
In due course, and perhaps even early course, children will be encouraged to rat their parents out to the authorities for 'unGreen' behaviour. Such is the pattern for the legitimisation of ruling class ideologies;indoctrinate the young and persuade them of the need to meekly accept poverty, austerity and political control for the sake of 'saving the planet'.

'Global warming' does indeed present a grave threat; as a tool of political power it is a threat to freedom, prosperity, trade, progress and all the health, wealth and happiness that those things make possible and if anyone has been inclined to regard the whole 'climate change' nostrum as a joke, then I humbly suggest that this is a mistake. Our masters are clearly taking it very seriously indeed and we have a momentous battle on our hands if we intend to stop them from going down the path that they already begun to forge.

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