Saudi ambassador: Wilders must apologize

Well, that was to be expected, I guess...

According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan, the Saudi ambassador to The Netherlands has demanded an apology from Wilders for the latters statements about the Quran and Mohammed.
Saudi ambassador Waleed al-Khareejy demanded Sunday
that a Dutch right-wing politician apologize and retract remarks made
last week and deemed insulting to Islam and its holy book.
A leader of the conservative Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders,
had told the press that half of the Koran should be torn and thrown
Wilders responded today that he will not even consider thinking about about offering an apology (NL).
'There is not an hair on my head [Dutch saying - KV] thinking about apologizing', the MP said. 'Have they gone completely mad? It is outrageous that a country without any freedom of opinion should lecture me. They should learn that as a parliamentarian one is able to say what one wants in the Netherlands'
Wilders will ask Foreign Minister Ben Bot in writing to set the Saudi ambassador straight and to teach him the fundamentals of parliamentary democracy.

[UPDATE001] Well, it seems that a Motoon type thing might be in the making. NieuwNieuws reports that Wilders is no longer welcome in Pakistan, where he planned to go later this year.

Maulana Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, Pakistani Jamat-e-Islami MP:
This man is not welcome in Pakistan, he should not be allowed in.


This is a conspiracy against islam led by the Jews.
Talat Masood, Pakistani ex-general and intelligence analist:
Should Wilders be allowed in, it will lead to gigantic relgious problems
Noor Hussein, Pakistani shopkeeper:
This man should be publicly hanged. Against people who deliberately insult the prophet and the holy koran we msut make every effort. It is no use to talk to people like that.
Such lovely people. I am so glad we have them as our allies (!).

[UPDATE002] Welcome to all American Thinker readers. We're really chuffed that we were deemed deserving of a link in an article about the 'awakening of free Europe' (sorry about the scare-quotes, but being in the thick of it the smell of sleep seems rather heavy). You're most welcome to have a look around. Who knows, maybe you'll dig up something you didn't know yet.

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