Suckered into it

That blasted EU Constitution is rearing it's ugly head again. Over at Brussels Journal Elaib Harvey listens in on the 'debate' in the EU Parliament and notices the parliaments speaker, Gert Poettering, say 'Treaties are to be obeyed'.

Now, with the results of the two referenda that slammed the constitution still standing, one would think any sane person would come up with something completely different. Or abandon the whole thing. But that would go against the grain of your average EU-crat.
We intend to help to ensure that under the German Council Presidency a road map and a mandate are agreed at the summit in Brussels on 21 and 22 June, as the outcome of which full implementation of the substantive core of the European Constitution will be in place by the next European Parliament in 2009. I would like to remind you that the Constitutional Treaty was signed by all 27 governments. Of course we have to respect the results of the referenda.
The worrying thing, as Harvey sees it, is the way the new Dutch cabinet, Balkenende IV, will be hurried into ratification of a new treaty that, although much, much shorter then the previous monster, will contain 'the substantive aspects of the Constitution' including an EU Foreign Minister, an EU Defence Minister, the end of vetoes in 47 separate areas of policy, in short: the creation of the EU as a state in its own right, the dreaded super-state that most of the Dutch no-voters were so against to begin with.
Interestingly one on the signatories to this document will be the new Dutch Prime Minister who is expected to announce his cabinet [the week before March 8, when the final text of the new treaty will be drawn up]. This of course means that one of the countries with the biggest interest in the new Constitution will not have been able to discuss its position in time for him to make a decision, he will be bounced.
All we Dutch no-voters can hope for is a sympathetic Council of State that is committed to real democracy and real freedom.

Well, 'hope springs eternal', as they say...

[UPDATE001] EU Referendum has an intriguing view on the German push for a new EU Constitution:
Merkel must enthusiastically pursue the constitution as it is only this now that can demonstrate that German military expansion can be contained within a pan-European framework, reassuring the French that Germany is still under control.

The looming problem for Germany though is that her foreign policy and military ambitions are not compatible with total commitment to European integration. Going along with the constitution, therefore, can only be a temporary expedient. It is putting off the day when Germany is going to have to consider whether it is going to remain bound by Europe or strike out once more on its own. That day cannot be long in coming.
Read also the rest, which explains this in detail.

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