Torture gate update

Update to this story.

In last weeks Wednesday Updates we already reported the shady role new PvdA (Labour) MP Ton Heerts played in the reporting on 'torture' of Taliban thugs by Dutch military intelligence personel.

This week former Military Police chief General Cees Neisingh gave an interview in which he revealed how Heerts and Volkskrant journalist (and I am using that word in the loosest sense of the world possible) Jan Hoedeman. Intel Weblog has a nice summary of the ongoing saga in EN for those of you who want to know more.

Among other things, Heerts and Hoedeman had already been told that the Royal Military Police and the Prosecutors Office had looked into the allegations and had found nothing unseemly:
Neisingh has now said in Elsevier magazine and on TV station RTL4 that he told Heerts and Volkskrant journalist Jan Hoedeman during the meeting that the matter had already been closed since 2003, following the OM investigation. Still, De Volkskrant wrote on 17 November that the OM had been left in the dark by the Defence Ministry in the "cover-up".
So much for the budding political career of Ton Heerts, it would seem. I am curious to see how long the PvdA will hold on to this hot potato before dropping it.

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