Undemocratic parliament

A minor scandal broke out yesterday in the Dutch Second Chamber of Parliament, when Gert Wilders' party (PVV) tabled a motion demanding two designated State Secretaries, both of whom carry a double nationality, do not join the newly formed Balkendende IV cabinet.

The motion was never made it to a vote. All of the other parties in Second Chamber declined to support the motion. However, what is curious is the way Speaker Gerdi Verbeet intervened, unilaterally declaring the motion unconstitutional.

This has raised the ire of Twan Tak, professor of State Law at the University of Maastricht. In Elseviers (NL) he qualifies Verbeets intervention as 'scandalous' and undemocratic:
'Ignoring any feelings one may have with regard to the PVV, as professor of State Law I feel it's great and bitterly necessary that someone raises this issue [of cabinet members with a double nationality]' says Tak, 'but then the volume is turned down just like that. while that man [Wilders] has more then half a million voters behind him. Completely undemocratic'

So, Wilders is not completely alone in putting questionmarks at the prospect of being governed by cabinet members who's loyalties are not unambigious. Moreover, in the debate in Parliament yesterday, Rita Verdonk did not distance herself (NL) from the PVV's position:
I think it is important that MPs and cabinet members radiate a pride in their Dutch nationality. This might be demonstrated by giving up the second nationality, if possible
That last bit is a bit to the point, because Marrocan-Dutch cannot give up their second passport even if they wanted to.Snouck has already pointed out the double nationality issues around Maroccan-bron Ahmed Aboutaleb. But Aboutaleb seems to be honest in his claims to be a loyal Dutch.

With Nebahat Albayrak (PvdA) the situation is more ehm... complex. Elbayrak is of Turkish descent and *is* able to give up here Turkish nationality. But today she declared she does not plan to do so. Elbayrak's repuation is already somewhat tainted, what with her wishy-washy attitude around the Armenian genocide question.

But all of this does not seem to matter. Both Aboutaleb and Elbayrak will keep their double nationality. And both of them will get to be State Secretary, for many the stepping stone towards a full ministership. And us? You know, the people, the voters that voted for you lot? Well, we'll be radiantly governed by foreign nationals. And somehow this doesn't strike anyone of the 'elites' in The Hague or the MSM as the slightest bit bizarre.

[INSTANT UPDATE] Read also Snoucks take in the situation. Most poignant quote:
[T]here are two recent examples of the treasonous double loyalty of the two Turkish and Moroccan politicians:
- The denial of the mass murder of Armenians during the First World War by Nebahat Albarak during the election campaign.
- The cover-up of the declaration that those who insult Islam must be killed by Achmed Aboutaleb.
Only in the Netherlands, people, only in the Netherlands.

[UPDATE001] And Snouck has another interesting tidbit: Our intrepid Speaker is the sister of Martin Verbeet, famous in the Netherlands for participating in a 'silent march' for a Maroccan street robber who was killed when his victim backed her car into him, and for rejecting a proposal to erect a monument for Theo van Gogh in his burrough, on the grounds that such would be too inflammatory for a goodly (Finnish?) portion of the population of that burrough. That multi-cul, pre-emptively surrendering streak runs in the family, apparently.

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