Wester mosque update

An update to the continuing saga of the Wester mosque. First it would be built, then it would not. And now it will again (NL). The Volkskrant report is a sublime piece of non-information: No context, no explanation (though admittedly this is not necessarily the papers failing):
The parties have been engaged in crisis talks since Friday to resolve the situation. 'We reached an agreement' said the spokesperson for Het Oosten. 'The project will go ahead, without damage to any of the parties.' Those involved did not want to comment on the solution that was reached. Milli Görüs, Het Oosten and [Amsterdam] borough De Baarsjes will continue talks.
The president of Aya Sophia (the Turkish organisation that will exploit and manage the Wester mosque) Fatih Dag will also stay on, despite strong clues, revealed by broadcaster KRO last week, that the latter had secretly signed a contract (NL) with the ultra-conservative (i.e. islamist) German chapter of Milli Görüs that states that the de facto ownership of the Wester mosque would be handed over by Aya Sophia to Milli Görüs Germany.

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