What we are fighting for

Helen Szamuely of EU Referendum goes off venting:
Time for a rant, methinks, and a move away from toys of both real and alternative kinds.
What follows is one of the most civilized and thoughtful "rants" in the history of the blogosphere (methinks).

Actually, it is an honest attempt to define what blogs like EU Referendum, this modest blog and many, many others are fighting for. As opposed to what we're all against.

I encourage you all to read the entire thing. But for those in a hurry:
The truth is that what we are fighting for is not so much democracy, though that is part of it, but constitutional liberty. Individual freedom to life, liberty and justly acquired property that is protected under clear constitutional rules; the right to express one’s opinion but, also, the right to disagree, even if the expressed opinion is part of a consensus; the right to religious observance but not to repression of other people and criminal behaviour (threats of violence, honour killings, genital mutilation, kidnapping and forced marriage etc) supposedly in the name of a religion; government decided on by the majority with legitimate minority rights protected; and, above all, legislators and regulators who are accountable for their decisions.
As an opening salvo one this is astonishingly on target.

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