The EU and the Great Global Warming Swindle

Yesterday saw the broadcasting of UK Channel 4's The Great Global Warming Swindle. EU Referendums Richard North watched it and pronounces his verdict:
[It] was the most effective popular debunking of the Global Warming Scam I have ever seen.

What came over with crystal clarity from the programme was the fragility of the science supporting the global warming thesis, and the strength of the science supporting the arguments that the primary driver of climate change was the sun.
As irony would have it, this debunking was broadcast on the same day that the European Council, not being able to agree on the Merkel initiative to revive the EU Constitution, tried to put a positive spin on the event by agreeing on some 'binding targets' on the use of renewable energy sources to counter the mythical effects of the equally mythical man-made climate change.

Richard North observes:
What is especially of interest is that, in choosing this battle, the EU has effectively opted out of the real battle, the global war against terrorism which, from all accounts, has reached new heights of ferocity in Afghanistan.


And there we have the tale of two worlds – the one of the fantasy world of battling to save the planet from climate change, and the other, real world battle to counter the global threat from terrorism.
And with the EU choosing the former over the latter, despite growing evidence of it being complete bollocks, the 'colleagues' have pronounced a verdict over themselves: Useless.

[UPDATE001] And more from EU Referendum:
[Merkel] is a very stupid or ill-advised woman, projecting a strategy which is nothing short of an economic and human disaster. Ambitious it might be. Credible it is not. But all we get from the media is cheer-leading, as this insane policy takes shape.

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