Watch out for Dutch police II

Continuing the series started by Ferdy.

Last Tursday night signaled the start of the sale of the new PS3 gaming console. One of the stores open for that event was Replay Videogames in Breda. A 19 year old customer had bought his console there and left, only to return moments later, blood running down his face. He'd been hit across his forehead with a fake gun and robbed of his newly acquired PS3 (NL).

Stijn Plompen, the owner of Replay Videogames, immediately called the 112 alarm. Police arrived at the scene, pursued the robbers but could not catch them. The customer was admitted to hispital where he rceived stitches for his head wound. Plompen gave the robbed customer a new console, worth 600 euros, without charge.

And for all his troubles he received a police ticket for breaching the law on store opening times. He needed a dispensation to open his store at midnight for the start of the PS3 sale. He didn't have one, even didn't know he needed one. Any bets Plompen will help out a customer in similar circumstances again? Thought not.

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