Watch out for Dutch police

Earlier we reported about Rinie Mulder who was shot dead by the police after he was attacked by Muslims ‘youths’. Dutch police is not what it used to be. Many Dutch people start to see them as targeting regular folks and often ignoring real troublemakers. Here are some news stories that are reported in today’s press:

Bus driver arrested
Passengers of a public transport bus were not amused when their driver was arrested. The bus driver had used his horn at a stoplight and then ignored a police officer on a motorcycle who gave him a stop sign. The bus driver was cuffed, deported to the police station and locked up for 6 hours. Pretty harsh treatment for using you’re horn inappropriately. But that’s not the end of it. Passengers now declare that the police officer was not wearing a uniform but was wearing civilian cloths. The motorcycle was also unmarked and not recognizable as a police vehicle. The same passengers also say that the unrecognizable police officer drove recklessly dangerously close to the bus…

Police stops funeral procession
Police in the Netherlands quite regularly does large-scale vehicle and drivers checks. So did the police of Enschede when a funeral procession passed. They let pass the first 3 black cars of the procession and stopped the following family members. People who complained got to hear things like: “So what?” and “You should have left earlier”. Some family member did not make it in time to the funeral because they lost track of the procession and were did not know the way. Police officials now say people can only complain about the rude remarks.

Police goes after Internet user
A website with local news named Waldnet reported that the police arrested a man because he was walking home drunk. In the comments of the website a commenter wrote that the police acted as nazi’s. If he had been present, he would have kicked their Asses. Weblog now shows the warrant with which the police tries to prosecute the commenter.

These are just some examples of police behaviour in todays press.

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