And Dutch grief

Holland, ach Holland. Is lack of punishment the same as encouragement of crime? I wondered about this when I read the news item (NL) below:
At the court in Breda a jail sentence of 44 days was demanded against 19 year old Feysal Y. from Tilburg, who, together with 7 minors, was detained for a gang rape.

The suspects had sex with a 13-year old girld from Tilburg. This happened in her bedroom while her parents were away.

The crown prosecutor deemed statutory rape proven, but has insufficient evidence for actual rape. The girl did not make clear she didn't want to have sex, according to the crown prosecutor.

The sentence demanded against Y. is equal to the time he already spent in custody. Apart from he 44 days jail sentence, the crown prosecutor demanded six months on probation and 140 hours of community service.
44 days? I don't know whether to laugh, cry or go postal with a towering rage. This is justice in the Netherlands. One 13-year old girl against 8 and gang rape is not proven? I don't approve of it, but I would fully understand it if the girls father decided to deck the prosecutor handling his daughters case. This isn't justice, this is a laughable travesty.

[UPDATE001] Or how about this one (NL):
The police thursday arrested a 41 year old man from Enschede who is suspected of having beat up a 23 year old burglar with a baseball bat. He was detained on charges of assault.

The alledged burglar, also from Enschede, was commited to hospital for treatment after which he was arrested on charges of burglary. Alledgedly, he tried to break open the backdoor of the house of the 41 year old suspect. The alerted police found the 23-year old bleeding heavily. He had various head wounds.
The poor dear! In any sane world the 41-year old would have received a thank you from the police (maybe with a 'tuttut' for using such violence) for helping to detain a criminal. But this is the Netherlands. You go to jail for defending your property.

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