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Fjordman filed two pieces over at Gates of Vienna. First, there's a piece titled Fjordman Asks, “Isn’t Glossocracy Great?”. It relates a pair of practical examples of the phenomenon Fjordman described earlier in The Rise of Glossocracy, where the language we use is twisted, enforcing new words or changing the meaning of old ones, turning them into “weapons of crowd control”.

The second piece sports the uplifting title The End of the American Dream? In it, Fjordman looks at the parallels between the US and the EU with regard to globalization married to multiculturalism. Short quote:
There are indeed some parallels between the USA and Europe. Mass immigration to the US is aided by an unholy alliance of corrupt political elites, Big Business supporters and anti-Western Leftists. There is little doubt in my mind that some members of the political elites in North America are envious of how their counterparts in Europe through administrative decisions have managed to fool their electorates and quietly bypassed the democratic process, gradually abandoning border controls in favor of a regional block.
[UPDATE001] Additionally, Fjordman filed a piece over at Brussels Journal: Towards a Totalitarian Europe, in which he details the decicedly creepy shape the EU is taking, from the strengthening of the Eurabian project in the period between now and 2007, to the totalitarian suppression of dissenting voices, especially with regard to islam.
The Muslim immigration the EU is promoting to Europe has triggered the largest wave of anti-Semitism since the rise of, well, Nazi Germany, and may yet force the remaining Jews to leave. That Europeans should support this organization to prevent a new totalitarian regime is a sick joke. The EU is a lot closer to totalitarian states than the supposedly evil nation states it is going to replace.
If you, dear reader, are a Euro citizen, this is a piece you should be reading today. If you are not a Euro citizen, you should be reading this as well.

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