Belgiums grief - addendum

Two days ago we reported on the plans of the Parliament of Belgium to introduce legislation that would
automatically remove politicians from their function if convicted of racism. Only a judge can now revoke someones civil liberties.
We also observed that
if we want to look what the EU might have in store for us, we only need to look at Belgium
Now, only two days later Brussels Journal reports on a piece of EU legislation that will be decided on by the EU councils ministers of Justice this weekend. The documents is the Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia (pdf). Brussels Journal has the goods under the apt title Stop This Awful Totalitarian EU Legislation.

Too late for that, one would think. But as Brussels Journal pleads:
So please can I encourage any of you who are reading this to write about this so that people know quite how bad things are getting over here in ‘Free Europe’.
Please, go over and read it. It is worse then anything coming out of the halls of Brussels to date.

[UPDATE001] With a hat tip to Het Vrije Volk, who have an excellent NL write up of both the EU and the Belgian legislative initiatives: The debate on a proposal for a law that would strip 'unworthy persons' from their political and public rights after a conviction for racism has been adjourned untill after June 10 (after Belgian general elections) thanks to filibustering by a member of the Vlaams Belang fraction who held an interuption of more then six hours(1).

[UPDATE002] EU Referendum thinks the dangers of this proposal are not all that worrying after all.
Concern has been expressed that this will badly affect the freedom and rights of bloggers to express themselves but, since no right-minded person would seek to indulge in denying Mr Hitler's schemes, the limitations are fairly academic.

In fact, the overall applications of the Decision are so heavily circumscribed that it is difficult to see how they will have much impact at all. Once the lawyers have finished with it, and it has been taken apart by civil liberties groups, and indeed national parliaments – making a mockery of the good intentions - it may well turn out that the EU has shot itself heavily in the foot.
One would hope so.

[UPDATE003] Well, there it is: EU agrees to penalties for racism and xenophobia.

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