Bunnies in the headlights

Blogging is hard going. These days for yours truly, anyway. When I blog stuff, it is usually because I strongly feel about the stuff I am blogging. Actually, I need the righteous anger and indignation to make a halfway decent post, so strong feelings about stuff helps.


I've been following the blogs for a good three years now, writing my own for just over a year. And in all that time I've been incensed, insulted, shocked (shocked, I tell you) and angry. But mostly I've been hopeful. Hopeful, because there's a large body of blogs out there, that report and analyze the news in ways that are hard to come by in (if not completely missing from) the normal everyday news outlets. You know, the ones we bloggers lovingly refer to as the MSM. Hopeful, because maybe, we can effect a change in thinking, we can influence our nations into trying to recover what the party people of the baby boom generations have so callously squandered. But a pair of news items, blogged here and here, have sort of knocked the wind out of my blogging.

First, there was the interview with cardinal Simonis, a man I respect tremendously for his candour and (usually) his wisdom. In the interview he praised muslims for having a 'lofty idea of their religion' and was seriously advocating an alliance with islam to combat the effect of secularism gone too far.

The interviews was published in NRC Handelsblad, highly respected by the general populace, but a staunch defender of the multiculturalist dream world in the same way as the British Guardian. This may well have influenced the tone of the interview published. And subsequent quotes of the cardinal indeed seem to suggest some level of realism. But still, the denial of the fundamentally anti-christian and anti-jewish character of islam was as exasperating to read as it was par for the course in Dutch public discourse.

Then there was that hearing on the independence of Kosovo. During those hearings it became clear that the US, rather then being an ally, is set to throw Europe to the wolves. In the words of Tom Lantos:
The United States' principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.
Yes, thank you Tom, that is exactly what Europe needs right now: a place where it will be extremely difficult for our intelligence and law and order services to keep tabs on those facsimiles of human life that would blow holes in our market squares because we do not all sport a beard or a burkha.

The funny thing about this hearing was the fact that support for this brilliant idea was not solely attributable to the left wing of US politics. Much of the support was to be found on the republican side of the issue. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA):
The Albanians have a right to control their destinies. We are pushing them in the right direction.
Moreover, the most poignant points of criticism came from the left. Diane Edith Watson (D-CA):
There is broad international consensus that the status quo in Kosovo will ultimately lead to upheaval if not resolved. But I do not understand is why our State Department would seek to remedy the situation by accelerating that upheaval... That one word [independence] in an instant makes Kosovo's Albanian population winners and Kosovo's Serbs losers.

If the goal of our strategy in the Balkans is to promote ethnic cooperation and reduce conflict, this seems like a singularly misguided strategy...

I know this doesn't reflect all of the US. We here at KV get enough comments and email especially from the US, that offer support and words of encouragement. But there is no denying the deep feeling of disappointment, when representatives covering the entire US political spectrum are advocating a feelgood idea of creating an independent state that will surely turn out to be Gaza-on-the-Danube (or some such, topography is not one of my strengths).

It is not that I am waiting for the US to rescue us from fascism (yet again). But being an original European, trying to defend and hold on to the good stuff in my heritage, is becoming increasingly difficult. The EU just introduced legislation to outlaw expressions of 'islamophobia' and is now looking for ways to switch off internet 'hate' site for expressing the same. Being on the Euro front lines (well, sorta), I'd always imagined the US as a whole as fallback: "You go do what you need to do. I've got your back.", that sort of thing. Turns out we Euro infidels are alone after all. Even the ruling elite of the nation that prides itself in its dedication to freedom and justice is selling out its allies in exchange for some politically expedient, short term solution.

In the mean time the beat goes on and on and on. Daily inspection of Jihad Watch, LGF, Gateway Pundit, the Jawa Report, Brussels Journal or Het Vrije Volk (NL) has become an extremely repetitive exercise in reading yet another affront to common sense and the subsequent inaction with which that affront is met. I've become convinced that
no amount of blogging will change the apathy that is besetting the western world, until it is too late.

This week saw some rumours to the effect that Al Qaeda is planning a massive, possibly nuclear, operation in the British Isles. That our dear Lord may forgive me, but in the dark corners of my thinking I'd almost wish for an atrocity like that to materialize. Anything else doesn't seem to shake us out of our stupor.

However, if your a muslim bent on the worldwide establishment of the Khilapha (and those are far more prevalent then the myth of the 'tiny minority of extremists' would have you believe): Why bother? A little more patience and sticking to the game plane will get you what you want eventually. This week it emerged that schools in Amsterdam have stopped education on farming because mentioning pigs caused riots (among 9 to 10 year olds, mind you. We *are* a country of feeble women). Other schools find it increasingly difficult to teach the Holocaust, and so on, and so forth. We're all staring into the on rushing headlights, unable to move until we're hit by the grill. And then it will be too late, anyway. Those that fail to learn...

For all the righteous anger and clear headed diagnosis of what ails us, collectively, I don't see a lot of change outside the virtual parliament that is the blogosphere. And thus it is that I've become somewhat dejected, somewhat jaded. I still feel the indignation and the anger. But right now the hope is wearing a little thin. A year ago I was convinced the west would wake up in time to salvage what is left. Increasingly, I am doubting whether the west will wake at all, before its throat is finally slit. And what then?

[INSTANT UPDATE] Read also the FrontPage interview with Bat Ye'or.

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