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Fjordman has a new piece up at Gates of Vienna: Fatalism and the Loss of Western Cultural Confidence. It's a strong piece in which he examines the Wests pre-occupation with multi-culturalism and its root causes. One of the important notions this piece conveys is one which Fjordman has expressed before: Islam (radical or otherwise) is not the immediate problem. It is the secondary infection hitching a ride on the back of the real problem: Western complacency and silent acceptation of the anti-western propaganda from within. And islam is not the only such secondary cause. Cultural marxism gives precedence to whatever "oppressed" class is around to further its agenda. Islam in Europe fulfill this role admirably, but any other group will do just as well.
The “oppressed” groups constantly change the words that are deemed offensive. That way they can keep potential offenders on their toes, always afraid of uttering, or even thinking, a word that could be deemed insensitive. This is combined with a culture where the most important thing is whether what you do “feels” good. According to writer Mikael Jalving, we have become “seduced” by goodness. He warns that we have to be judged according to the result of our actions, not their intentions, and that a precondition for freedom is the exercise of power. It is tempting to add that this emotional culture is a result of the excessive feminization of society. Everything that smacks of traditional masculinity, such as enforcing rules by force, is viewed as “Fascist.” Tolerance has become a goodness dope, an extension of our pleasure seeking culture, just another drug intended to make you feel good about yourself.
Then, there's a another piece up at Dhimmi Watch: The Importance of Knowing Your History. Can't stress that enough these days. Anyway, in this essay Fjordman compares and contrasts side by side historic developments in the West and in the Islamic world. The outcome isn't surprising, but the details are well worth knowing.

Read it all.

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