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When Jihadi cells grow and operate in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, blow up undergrounds, conspire to destroy airliners over the Atlantic; when British authorities are now monitoring more than 1,200 potential future Terrorists across the isles; that is not a local police issue. When the Salafi Jihadists operate in Morocco, Algeria, India, Russia, Indonesia, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Holland, France, Canada and the United States, with one ideology, a focused identity, a global strategy and a set of coordinated moves; and when on top of that, their leaders, commanders and emirs clearly state their world objectives, identify their common enemy; when all that is displayed and restated on and on in the media and on internet, it is most troubling that a member of the British Government, in charge of "international development" fails on guessing who the war is against and who his country and democracies around the world are up against. If that is not a Global War, what else could be? Mr. Benn's incapacity to identify the global threat is disturbing, particularly because the enemy isn't secret nor is its ideology confidential. But let's note that US legislators lately have recommended similar mind games.
Dr. Walid Phares, in The New Media Journal, commenting on a speech made by British MP Hilary Benn at a meeting of the Center on International Cooperation think-tank, New York.

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