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I don't like memes or tags. They are the blogging mutation of those infernal chain letters that promise you a good life and bliss for helping to perpetuate the existence of this vile (that is short for: viral) entities, but warn the hapless receiver of no end of misery, sweat and toil should he or she decide not to participate in that silly, misguided attempt at networking.

But of course there is the exception that confirms the rule. Zonka of the New Zonka Blog and Rastaman of IslamNazi tagged Klein Verzet for the Thinking Blogger Award. Which means that as of today KV is allowed to sport this nifty little badge:

The objective of this tag is explained in the link provided, as are the rules of this particular game of tag. In short, you tag (or are tagged) because your victim regularly writes something that gives you pause, makes you think about stuff. As such, it is a bit of an honor that someone out there in the vast blogosphere deemed KV worthy, though I have a suspicion that half of that honor is due to keeping track of Fjordmans various fruits of labour.

It also means I now have to come up with (and tag) five blogs that regularly make me think. Though I suspect that all of the tagged blogs won't bother and/or have been tagged long before yours truly, I'll just go ahead and list my five thinking blogs anyway:

1) One Cosmos
All the rational mysticism (if there is such a beast) you can handle. Sometimes I do not agree with Gagdad Bob, quite often I am seriously out of my depth trying to fully understand. But I always come away with two or three items to contemplate in the silently dark whisky hours of the day.

2) EU Referendum
Very thorough analysis of matter EU and European. I am so glad there are people like mr North and mrs Szamuely out there, saving me the trouble of having to keep track of the insidious but mind numbingly tedious machinations that form the EU 'political project'.

3) Brussels Journal
One of the first and one of the best euro blogs that document and analyses the crisis of identity in Europe. At times rather bleak in its outlook it does point out possible ways out of the mess we're in

4) The Belmont Club
Good analysis of current events. I am always learning something new reading the blog as well as the comments.

5) Lagonda (NL)
What's left to say that I haven't said before? If only this blog were updated more often.

It strikes me as a tad cruel, being allowed only five blogs to tag. But there it is.

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