Amsterdam breaks ties to Milli Görüs

Update to this story.

Amsterdam city council tonight decided to break all ties with Milli Görüs (NL). Whether this includes subsidies is not clear. Re-establishment of contacts is dependent on the results of an investigation into the financial situation of the Turskish organisation. There are indications of massive fraud with so-called 'green funds' (islamic funds) by Milli Görüs. The direct cause are of course the strangely inept, but menacing remarks by Milli Görüs president Fatih Dag in Trouw (reported earlier). Statements which Milli Görüs denies were ever made, but were misunderstood, but Milli Görüs distances itself from them anyway (can't beat that kind of logic, can you?).

Earlier Amsterdam burrough De Baarsjes, where the Wester Mosque was to be built, made it clear that Milli Görüs is no longer considered a viable partner(NL).
'We've seen numerous fights and bouts of name calling, empty promises and hassle around green funds' says PvdA [Labour] fraction leader Martijn de Keizer. 'The bungling by the board of Milli Görüs is unacceptable. I hope they understand that their involvement has only caused damage'
To which I only want to add: Congratulations Milli Görüs, despite your obviously exalted status as a representative of a minority in a country fiercely committed to multiculturalism, you managed to piss off even the truely left in this country. You truly are a hero. Tickets out of this country are freely available to you and your family. Don't bother to come back (Yes, that means you, dear Fatih).

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