Defiling the memory of the fallen

Tonight we remember our fallen. At 8 pm local, two minutes of silence are observed nation wide (or, that is the idea, anyway) and numerous ceremonies at WW2 monuments around the Netherlands will be held in the memory of those that gave their lives in the battle against a totalitarian regime that specifically targeted Jews, christians communists, homosexuals and anyone else that did not wish to submit to the hate-filled ideology of this regime (and for once I am not talking about islam).

Tomorrow is Liberation day in the Netherlands. And tomorrow, of all days in a year, will see the Fifth Palestinian European Conference (NL). The Palestinian Platform for Human Rights and Solidarity (PPMS), one of the organizers, justifies the date (NL) in this way:
On this day the Netherlands celebrates her liberation from an occupation and Palestinian Dutch want to use this opportunity not only to celebrate this liberation with the Dutch people, but also to ask the Netherlands and all her inhabitants to take a moment to remember the fact that at this moment many still live under the yoke of an occupation, allbeit by an Israelian occupier, but supported by the international community.
To emphasize the peaceful nature of this event, the organizers invited Palestinian PM Haniyeh (Hamas) to come to the Netherlands 'to celebrate this liberation with the Dutch people'.

Fortunately, the Dutch government has the good sense to refuse Haniyeh a visa. Thus it is that Haniyeh will attend the conference via video link. Another great islamic humanitarian, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Ikrima Sabri was also to attend the conference, but he'll not be coming either:
The foreign ministry reported on Thursday that Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Ikrima Sabri has decided not to attend the conference. He apparently withdrew his application for a visa.
Who will make a live appearence at the conference is former Duct PM Dries van Agt:
Former Premier Dries van Agt will speak at the controversial conference being organised by a Palestinian organisation in Rotterdam on 5 May. The extremist Mufti of Jerusalem Ikrima Sabri was also to have attended, but this is not going ahead, said the Foreign Ministry.

Christian democrat (CDA) Van Agt was inclined to be pro-Israeli during his premiership from 1977 to 1982, but has acted in recent years as opinion-leader as advocate of the Palestinian case. The Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) calls Van Agt's participation, announced by De Telegraaf yesterday, "incomprehensible."
Well, it is not that incomprehensible, given the utterings of van Agt over the last few years on who's to blame for the continued Palestinian violence and Israels reaction. And so van Agt, and the Palestinian Platform for Human Rights and Solidarity, will abuse the days of remembrance and celebration of liberation from a violent, oppressive and genocidal ideology to ask for some sympathy with... a violent, oppressive and genocidal ideology.

In the mean time things in the Netherlands have 'progressed' so far, integration wise, that the wreaths layed at monuments in Amsterdam tonight will have round the clock protection. In recent years, wreath left at monuments over night have been trashed and thrown into the canals by 'youth'. In 2003 a group of 'youth' of moroccan descent were caught playing football with the wreaths, while shouting "Jews we must kill".

And thus we Dutch honor the memory of the best of our nation...

[UPDATE001] This has the makings of a full blown incident. This afternoon the Palestinian minister of Youth and Sports, Basem Naim, was caught trying to sneak into the Netherlands from Brussels Airport, after having been refused a Dutch visa. In Cairo he was refused access to a KLM flight to Amsterdam for that reason, after which he tried to travel to the Netherlands via Belgium. He was detained by Belgian immigration services and sent back some time later.

In the mean time, four other Palestinian delegate members (NL), who also were refused visa, are still on the loose. They are traveling to Schiphol Airport and are expected to be detained by the marechaussee (military police). (EN link via Eye on the World)

[UPDATE002] Just to hammer the point home: Hamas: “The extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

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