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This week it emerged that the Wester Mosque is almost certainly not going to be built (NL). The two main partners in Manderer BV, the corporation that was to build and exploit the mosque, have lost confidence in one another. The partners, housing corporation Het Oosten and Turkish islamic orgamisation Milli Görüs, were in the process of negotiating a settlement after they fell out over the intrusive influence of Milli Görüs Germany (considered to be islamist). The negotiations were led by Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen. But this week Job Cohen announced he will end the negotiations (NL). There are many questions regarding the financials and the integrity of Milli Görüs unanswered, which make negotiations useless.

In a way it is a shame. The entire project started as a truly cooperative affair, with a mosque, designed in the style of the Amsterdam school of architecture by a pair of Jewish architects (see picture above). The mosque would be home to a moderate islam that some hoped would form the basis of a 'Dutch islam' that was more compatible with Dutch western society.

But, and this will come as know surprise to readers knwoledgable about the subject, the leaders of islam are more often then not the extremists of islam. So it is not a real big surprise that the experiment in creating a "Dutch Reformed Islam" would attract the unwanted attention of those that want to keep islam 'pure' in their eyes. That being the case the fact that the Wester mosque will soon be given up to oblivion is a good thing. Amsterdam already has the Assoena mosque and the Taibah mosque. Methinks Amsterdam can do without another 'hate hut'.

There was a limited neighborhood protest and comments under articles in online versions of papers and magazine revealed a certain level of antagonism towards the project and the multi-cul crowd that endorsed it (and endorsing it they did. Our own then minister of Justice, Piet Hein Donner, of sharia-in-the-Netherlands fame layed the first stone). What was sorely lacking is any organized resistance of the populace against the megalomaniacal project.

How different things are across the little pond. Fullham Reactionary has the story of the battling petitions for and against the building of a London mega-mosque, that should be finished around the time the Olympics hit the UK in 2012 (see also this post at Western Resistance and links therein). Seems the contra petition was started by a blogger called "English Rose", who gave up the blog after running afoul of the multi-cul crowd in the UK.

Anyway, due to various reasons, much of them of a similar nature as the reasons that led to the demise of the Wester mosque project, this project all but crashed and burned. The results of the petitions should give an idea how welcome this project to the population of the British Isles to begin with. Petition Pro: 233 signatures. Petition Contra: 46,700 signatures. Maybe that's something to remember for future reference?

[AFTERTHOUGHT] With the demise of the Wester Mosque will the Netherlands also see demonstrations against the 'oppression of Islam' like the one that is planned in the UK? That would be good for a laugh...

[UPDATE001] Well, that didn't take long, did it?

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Philip Zhao zei

It'll be even more eye-catching or (eye-soring ) when Birmingham Palace is converted to a mosque !


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