Finnish blogger shares his thoughts

Update to this story.

Gates of Vienna received an email from the beleaguered finnish blogger Mikko Ellilä, in which he details the harassment he is subjected to by an apparently overzealous civil servant of the multicul persuasion:
Mikko “Big Brother” Puumalainen [the Ombudsman for minorities] has said in numerous press statements and interviews that all opinions that help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere in Finland ought to be totally criminalised. In other words, he wants to change the political climate of the country by banning all opinions that are not in line with the multiculti teletubby utopian view of immigrants.


[H]e repeatedly refused to specify his allegations and to email me the relevant material that he had sent to the police. I was able to obtain the material from him only after I notified him that I could sue him for failing to send me the relevant material because the police had explicitly asked me to comment on his allegations in written form, which I obviously could not do as long as I had not even seen the allegations in the first place. Puumalainen undoubtedly committed a crime by acting like this.
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