The impossibility of living within EU law

Over at Gates of Vienna, a Brit and a Yank exchange views on the EU. It's an interesting post from an historical point of view. At least to me the parallels between the formation of the EU and Bismarck's unification of Germany were new.

But just how ridiculously far EU legislation already has gone, is beautifully exemplified by the following quote:
In order to install an electrical socket in my kitchen I must comply with at least eleven separate regulations. (...) EU regulations now mandate by law the kind of taps I’m allowed to use in my bathroom. They mandate the height of my door, the height of the gap between the door and the ceiling and the angle of my stairs, to millimetre precisions.

Every day I break about 30 laws whilst engaged in what were previously lawful activities. Most of these laws are EU-inspired regulations prescribing the details of how activities are to be carried out. My computer does not comply with regulations on lead content, electrical output or anything else, despite being perfectly safe. The lights in my house will soon be made illegal.

None of this was done with the consent of Parliament. None was done with the consent of the people of this nation. These are just little things, little examples of how the EU interferes in every-day life.

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