Iterated prisoners dilemma and the Remnant

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Bill Whittle of EjectEjectEject, of Tribes fame, wrote two posts that are pretty much required reading for anyone who thinks he's the only sane person in his world. It starts here and is continued here. Snippet:
Everything the West has achieved – all the science, prosperity, security and freedom – is based upon the free exchange of ideas. We tolerate offensive ideas so that this free exchange of information may continue. Disagreement is the crucible of wisdom. The price we pay for this cooperation is the daily offense we suffer at the exposure to ideas we find distasteful.

However, when radical Muslims living in the West demand that their religion not undergo these same stresses and trials and turns violent – burning buildings or killing those who disagree with them – well, we as a society have a choice. We can be “always cooperating,” which rewards that behavior, or we can retaliate, which punishes it.

Which do you think – reward, or punishment – is likely to produce more of this savagery, and which less?

And frankly, which behavior is more worthy of contempt: slapping someone repeatedly in the face, or watching someone thank his assailant for doing it to them? That is not moral superiority. That is the neurosis of the masochist.

If you are not built that way then you are not alone.
To explain hist point of view he uses Game Theory and does so rather convincingly. But the real meat of the posts are where he discusses The Remnant, those people that live outside majority opinion. Go and read. Both.

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