Milli Görüs threatens with violence in NL

Sooner or later the mask falls. After the break down of negotiations for a settlement around the Wester mosque project, Milli Görüs wants to buy out housing corporation Het Oosten to the tune of 6.2 million euros, and finish the project independently.

However, both Amsterdam city council and the Second Chamber of Dutch parliament are contemplating the revocation of the building permit for the mosque. If that is the case Milli Görüs president Fatih Dag warns (NL):
Should Amsterdam refuse the Turkish organisation Milli Görüs a new mosque, the resistance will be enormous. 'Al-Jazeera will bring it big'.

The Wester mosque will be built, says Fatig Dag of the Turkish mosque umbrella Milli Görüs. If the authorities frustrate the plans, Milli Görüs will demonstrate. Dag will call on Turks around Europe, he announced in an interview with Trouw. He hopes for a peaceful demonstration and a non-violent 'rebellion', but he fears things may get out of hand. "Our people are emotional and there could be a crazy person among them."

Dag, president of the mosque board, expects that Al-Jazeera will pay much attention to a possible 'No' against the Wester mosque. "And I will talk to them." And what will be the consequences? "I worry about that very much."
Yeah right... It'll be interesting to see the reactions from the Dutch political classes (if anyare forthcoming) to this insolent bit of blackmail.

h/t Nieuw Religieus Peil

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