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[UPDATE001] Continuing his foray into history, bit recent and ancient, Fjordman pulls together a few random thoughts into a post entitled... well... Random Thoughts from Fjordman.

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So, what is the Western world's problem, anyway? Some say it is a lack of cultural confidence. Others say it is overconfidence of the multicul(t) ideologues in government and MSM.

Fjordman thinks it is both. And in The Flaws of the Western Man he details why he thinks so.
I do not dispute the fact that there has been a general breakdown of cultural confidence in the West and in Europe, but I do dispute the claim that this has translated into a generally shared death wish where the masses happily embrace their own eradication. The prevalence of hate speech laws and censorship is a strong indication of the contrary. Still, let us have a look at some structural flaws in the West.
And while doing so he tours history from Euripides and Socrates, via Machiavelli and de Tocqueville, to Naomi Klein and Christopher Lasch. Classic Fjordman. Go read.

Random Thoughts from Fjordman
The Flaws of the Western Man
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