Muslims should leave Holland or fight: Van Gogh killer

Yesterday saw the first session of the appeal against the Hofstad group. Interestingly, Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of van Gogh, made an appearence as a witness. And he made clear what choices good muslim in the Netherlands has:
Mohammed Bouyeri, who murdered film maker Theo van Gogh, appeared in court in Amsterdam today as a witness in the appeal case of seven members of the so-called Hofstad terrorist group. Bouyeri was considered by the lower court to be a central figure in the network.

After first refusing to take the oath, Bouyeri went on to outline his interpretation of Islam. IIt should be the aim of every Muslim to introduce Sharia law, even in the Netherlands, Bouyeri was reported as saying. 'But if you ask me, is that a realistic option, I must answer 'no'.

A good Muslim in the Netherlands has two choices, he said. The first was to ‘pack your bags and leave’ for an Islamic country but, he said, ‘there isn't one at the moment'. The second, said Bouyeri, is the one he opted for: 'pick up your weapons and fight.'
According to the Algemeen Dagblad (NL), Bouyeri said that it is obligatory for muslims to use violence: 'You have to sacrifice yourself for Allah and take up the sword'.

So, is any leader of the muslim community in the Netherlands going to explain to us and Bouyeri how he is a misunderstander of the Religion of Peace (tm)? Yeah, didn't think so, either.

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