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At Brussels Journal Fjordman published Conservative Bloggers Fight for Free Speech. In this piece he take a closer look at the role conservative blogs have been playing in Europe over the last years: That of the underground press.
Professional harassment, boycott and defamation punish those who dare to openly challenge the politically correct discourse. According to Bat Ye'or, this has led to the development of a type of "resistance press" as if Europe were under the "occupation" of its own governments. As Europe turns more and more totalitarian under the EU, this could become increasingly true. This free press on the Internet has brought some changes, including the rejection of the EU Constitution in 2005. Despite overwhelming support for it by the governments in France and the Netherlands and a massive media campaign in both countries, voters rejected it. Blogs played a significant part in achieving this. Only a few months later, European Union authorities lined up together with authoritarian regimes such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and the Chinese Communist Party in favor of "more international control with" (read: censorship of) the Internet. This basically says all you ever need to know about the EU.
Yay for us! Read it all, as they say.

[UPDATE001] So, we are against sharia, "hate crime" legislation and selling out our Western civilization. But what are we for? Fjordman gives his answer in What Do We Fight For?

[UPDATE002] Fjordman takes a closer look at the situation in the Netherlands in Do we want an Islamic Reformation?

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