Ondiep update

Update to this story.

The officer who fired the fatal shot that kille Rinie Mulder is now a suspect:
The police officer who shot a 54-year-old man in the Utrecht neighbourhood of Ondiep in March, sparking off several days of riots, is being treated as a suspect, the public prosecution department said on Wednesday.
The department is planning to stage a reconstruction of events shortly. A decision on whether the officer will face criminal proceedings will be made once the investigation has been completed, a spokeswoman said.
(EN link via Snouck Hurgronje)

Additionally, four 'youths', ages ranging between 17 and 22, are being prosecuted (NL) on charges of public violence. The state attorney officers are investigating the role of these four in the events leading up to the fatal shooting that led to the Ondiep riots. The four are to appear in court at the end of next month.

to be continued...

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