Paradox of the day

We must celebrate our differences, for we are all the same.
Multiculturalism in a nutshell, I guess.

The funny thing is: It is not untill you start to really analyse the meaning of the above that you realize the utter incoherence of it. Read superficially, with the benefit of years of multiculutural indoctrination, it all seems perfectly acceptable. Socially desirable even. But on further inspection the horrible truth comes out: It is beyond newspeak, it is duckspeak.

(With hearty Thank you to the commenters at The Bellmont Club for the 'inspiration')

[UPDATE001] Serendipity strikes again. Fjordman answers criticism on his A Communism for the 21st Century in a new post at Gates of Vienna: The Great Conversation. His view on the doctrine of multiculturalism:
I, and numerous others with at least average intelligence, have spent a considerable amount of time trying to analyze the doctrines of Multiculturalism. We have found this to be quite challenging, precisely because it is vague, incoherent and doesn’t have any clear philosophical foundation. Multiculturalism seems to be a curious mix of older, Enlightenment ideas such as Rousseau’s “noble savage” and later Marxist ideas, among other things. There are those who claim that it was never supposed to be logically consistent and that we shouldn’t look for any cohesive, rational arguments behind it because there are none.

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