Reality bites

The multi-cul crowd in the Netherlands are usually not the ones that are confronted with the practical implications of their ideology on a day-to-day basis. When finally they are, cognitive dissonance strikes and leaves them confused and bewildered.

To wit: Hanneke Groenteman (NL). The poor dear was robbed by "youth" and now she struggles to maintain her political correctness:
Journalist Hanneke Groenteman, a well-known advocate of multiculturalism, is deprived of her politically correct reason. She says this herself on her website after being robbed by two presumably Moroccan children.

"Everyday you hear, see, read it and often even in a far more aggressive form", as Groenteman writes. "In my case, there was no knife, no threat, no violence. It was a snappy, clean, small, but unbearable robbery (...). The car door was wrenched open on the passenger's side, two youngsters on a bicycle grabbed the bag from my hands and they raced off faster than rats on the waterfront".

"Why can't I sleep with anger when it happens to me too?" Groenteman asks herself. She proceeds to answer the question herself. "I remained behind deprived of my politically correct reason. After this intrusion into my safe space I am really more frightened of my ungovernable emotions than of these boys".
The admission of a true ideologue: That she was deprived of her wallet, cellphone, i-pod, drivers license, photo camera and what not pales in comparison to being deprived of her 'politically correct reason'. One is forgiven for the sniggering caused by mrs. Groentemans politically correct 'reason'.

The predictable reactions of the "Doesn't reality bite, dear Hanneke?" variety now seem to have added insult to injury to such an extent that mrs. Groenteman in considering giving up blogging altogether. Confronted with what multi-cul is really like AND the ensuing Schadenfreude by those that know for a long time what mrs. Groenteman had just been confronted with are apparently proving to much to handle. On her blog (NL) she writes:
I wrote a little bit, in my anger, about that "robbery", that was, of course, an insolent, but non-violent, theft of my bag, nothing more and nothing less, unpleasant as it is.
The shedload of reactions (...), the radio, the TV gossip items, other websites, papers, that jumped on this story... as if there is no real news, it's idiocy.
And... it's a remedy against the love of blogging.


I became ill with the mentality of many commenters. I just don't want mails from xenophobes, antisemites, fulmination against the Church of the Left of which I am supposed to be a memeber...


I think I'll just go and write for myself (and my publisher) and leave the weblog for what it is for the time being.
Note the way mrs. Groenteman is scrambling to 'put into perspective' the incident. It wasn't really a robbery, it was 'just' a theft. A non-violent theft at that. Well, that's just peachy keen then, isn't it? One wonders what damage should have been done for mrs. Groenteman to classify a robbery a robbery. Also note how mrs. Groenteman has already donned the leftist armour against reality: those that do not view things as she are "xenophobes, antisemites, fulminat[ing] against the Church of the Left ". Like water from the back of a duck.

Let me go on record saying that I am glad this incident didn't leave mrs. Groenteman permanently damaged. It is such a shame she didn't come away a little bit wiser, though.

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