Wilders tracked by Dutch intelligence

... because he might've been an Mossad agent. I kid you not.

Esther has the translation of the item with links to the (NL) source. Emphasis is mine
According to newspaper De Telegraaf, Geert Wilders was shadowed for years by the Dutch security service, the AIVD.

The AIVD followed Wilders while he was visiting th Israeli embassy in the Hague. The security service registered his trips there and recorded how long they took.

The AIVD suspected that Wilders was getting instructions about his work in the Dutch parliament from Israeli diplomats. "It greatly frustrated them that they couldn't find out what was said within the embassy building. They really wanted for this reason, to put in tapping equipment, but that was impossible in the Israeli embassy," according to a source of The Telegraaf.

Wilders is furious and demands that prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende, after spring recess, would come to the parliament to explain the issue. "Is it a great scandal that the secret service follows a politician during his normal activity and watches him," says Wilders.

"I want to know which ministers were aware of this, because in that case they have a big political problem," according to Wilders, who said that the visits had to do with his work for the VVD party. The Israeli embassy said that the contacts with Wilders related to "the legitimate work of a diplomatic representation". The AIVD refused to comment.
The AIVD is denying such ever happened. Wilders is asking (NL) the minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin for an explanation.

It is really too early to come to any conclusion. In a sane world the Telegraaf story will turn out to be b.llsh.t. But, this is anything but a sane world now-adays.

It is of a staggering hypocrisy, having the AIVD hounds on Wilders because he *may* receive instructions from Israeli diplomats, while we have in parliament the likes of Farah Karimi, proud, and untill recently active, member of the Mujahedin Khalq, or Khadija Arib of who we wrote before:
PvdA (labour) MP of Moroccan descent Khadija Arib is an advisor to the king of Morocco himself. She serves on a council that aims to guard and strengthen the Moroccan identity of ex-pats (including those that were never born in Morocco). Another aim is to recruit highly placed functionaries of Moroccan descent in, amongst others, the Netherlands for the founding of a High Council that would advise the king and the Moroccan government.
Thus we *know* she gets her instructions, not from Moroccan diplomats, but from the Moroccan king himself. Is she under AIVD scrutiny. Is, or was, Karimi?

If this story turns out to be true, there are some implications that are a little frightening. I'll resist the temptation of going into those as long as the veracity of this story is still not quite confirmed. But we'll be keeping an eye on this one...

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