And after the EU, the UN

Much has been made of the reformation if the UN Human Rights Council. You know, the council that has the likes of China, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia guarding over the upholding of human rights in the world.

For the Washington Post Jackson Diehl takes the measure of this new and improved UN human rights watch dog. And finds the whole situation less then satisfactory:
That's the human rights movement, seven years into a century that's off to a bad start.
To be exact:
Genocide in Sudan, child slavery and religious persecution in China, mass repression in Zimbabwe and Burma, state-sponsored murder in Syria and Russia -- and, for that matter, suicide bombings by Arab terrorist movements -- will not receive systematic attention from the world body charged with monitoring human rights.
You're only allowed three guesses who the main obsession of this 'august' tranzi body is. Methinks it is time to consign the UN to the same place in history the EU will go: The once-but-never-again file. (h/t to Harry's Place)

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