Another Fjordman File

Fjordman posted a new file at the Gates of Vienna, entitled Why Transnational Multiculturalism is a Totalitarian Ideology. In this piece Fjordman takes the utterings made during the second Global Inter-Media Dialog (one of which made our Quote of the Day earlier) to their logical conclusion. A conclusion that is not altogether reassuring.
The next Communism will not come from an open enemy armed with nuclear intercontinental missiles, it will come from a multitude of groups and ideas that may appear less threatening, but put together their impact could be disastrous. Multiculturalism, transnational progressivism, unlimited mass migration, NGOs, the UN, international law and anti-Western school curricula combined could create a situation where Western nations are no longer allowed to define their own laws, keep their cultures or defend their own countries. This threat comes from people who do not say “We will bury you,” they hide behind kind words about diversity and tolerance.
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