Another nail in the coffin

Blue Crab Boulevard links to yet another nail in the coffin of the Global Climate Change 'theocracy' (his invention, not mine): Alexander Cockburn. As Gaius notes:
Cockburn is anything but a tool of the right. His leftist credentials are impeccable and he is virulently against the First Church of the Presumptuous Assumption of Global Warming®.
And a snippet of mr. Cockburns writing:
Now read Dr. Jeffrey Glassman, applied physicist and engineer, retired from California's academic and corporate sectors, who provides an elegant demonstration of how the CO2 solubility pump in the Earth's oceans controls atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and how the increase in atmospheric CO2 is the consequence of temperature increase, not the cause.

Move to that bane of the fearmongers, Dr. Patrick Michaels, on sabbatical from the University of Virginia, now at the Cato Institute, who has presented in papers and recently his book Meltdown demolitions of almost every claim made by the greenhousers, particularly regarding hurricanes, tornadoes, sea rise, disappearing ice caps, drought and floods. Michaels is often slammed as a hired gun for the fossil fuel industry, but I haven't seen significant dents made in his scientific critiques.
There's much, much more to be had. Heartily recommended.

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