Breaking Al Qaeda's back

Euros won't hear about this much. Not unless the body count (American soldiers and/or civilians) becomes such that the Euro MSM can gloat about it.

In Iraq a major offensive operation is underway to finally break the back of Al Qaeda in Iraq. According to Bill Roggio
This is the largest offensive operation since the first phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom ended in the spring of 2003.
Michael Yon, who is embedded with a unit taking part in operation Arrowhead Ripper, shares his experiences during day 1 of the operation.
Big fights are ahead and we will take serious losses probably, but al Qaeda, unless they find a way to escape, are about to be slaughtered. Nobody is dropping leaflets asking them to surrender. Our guys want to kill them, and that’s the plan.

A positive indicator on the 19th and the 20th is that most local people apparently are happy that al Qaeda is being trapped and killed. Civilians are pointing out IEDs and enemy fighters, so that’s not working so well for al Qaeda.

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