He's back. And he brought a Fjordman File

So, it's back to the oars for me. After a number of extremely busy, but equally joyful days, the dull grind of ordinary daily life is knocking at the door of the KV domicile once again.

I am still busy getting upto speed with everything that's been happening, said and thought over the last week-and-a-half. In itself that proves to be a hands-on lesson in media bias-by-ommission. After a week of sunshine, everything is a-okay type, ignorance-is-bliss Dutch MSM news about the world, the *actual* news as reported by non-MSM, non-Dutch outlets is quite a shock. I might devote a post to that particular subject in the coming days (though truthfully the odds are slim at best *grin*).

True blogging will probably pick up over the next couple of days. But for now I'll leave you with a FF update. Fjordman did a piece on what is fast becoming one of his central themes: the creeping conquest by soft, multicult communism of the public space in Europe. The piece sports the encouraging title Resisting 21st Century Communism. Most memorable quote:
Westerners are the suckers of the 21st century. We don’t have interests or cultures of our own. We exist solely as a vehicle for funding other nations, and as the obedient dumping ground for their excess population growth. If we assert the right to defend our borders, the representatives of NGOistan, frequently aided by our so-called leaders, will come down upon us like a ton of bricks. Westerners are fueling the unsustainable growth rates in the Islamic world through material aid and medical advances. Later we are told to let them into our countries, where we will continue feeding them and fund our own colonization through welfare payments. We are thus paying hostile nations to multiply and take over our nations. This is a betrayal of the legacy of our ancestors, and an even greater betrayal of our children and grandchildren. This policy is insane and evil, and it has to stop. Now!
Read and enjoy!

[UPDATE001] Check also The Ten Antitheses of Political Correctness posted at gates of Vienna as a follow-up to Fjordmans most recent.

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