It's even worse then we thought

In it's continuing quest to ferret out the actual meaning of the new 'mandate' for the IGC to come up with an 'amending treaty' to replace the dreaded EU Constitution, EU Referendum stumbled upon another piece of 'dangerous and deliberate obfuscation'.

This time the obfuscation is about the exact role the European Council plays in the affairs of the EU. Where in the past the Council was presented as a more or less informal get-together for heads of governments of member states, representing the interests of those member states, the new mandate changes the Council into an EU institution.

Head over to EU Referendum to read the full analysis, but I'll share with you the punchline:
Now, with this proposed change, the European Council is being defined fully as an institution. Furthermore, its aims have been set out, which it shares with the Commission, the EU Parliament and the European Court of Justice. It now will have developed into Monnet's "provisional government", acting, to all intents and purposes, as the "cabinet" of Europe.

The problem, of course, is that the members are still made up from the heads of state and governments of the member states. But, rather than representing their respective nations, they now act as a corporate body – an institution – the aims of which are, in respect of the Union, to: "promote its values; advance its objectives; serve its interests, those of its citizens and those of Member States; and ensure the consistency, effectiveness and continuity of its policies and actions".

Crucially, the requirement to serve the interest of the Union comes first, the "citizens" come second and the Member States come third. The order is neither accidental nor without significance. (...)

It also represents a very significant transfer of power from member states, our leaders having been hijacked and impressed into the service of the Union
So, if this thing is adopted, not even our leaders are our leaders anymore, they'll be EU functionaries posing as our national governments. Far from securing more power for national governments and parliaments, it seems that the 'colleagues' actually stooped so low as to sell national sovereignty, including themselves, out to the EU Moloch. Can we call it treason yet?

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