Lying through their teeth - part II

Today saw a debate on The Turnip in Second Chamber. The result was as predictable as it was depressing:
A large majority in Parliament is satisfied with the outcome of the European summit. Only the Socialist SP, Freedom Party PVV and Animal Rights Party PvdD spoke out against the new treaty during debate in Parliament.

Most factions are pleased that the new EU treaty is not a constitution, and that the Netherlands's demand were met on a number of points.
The new treaty is the Constitution. A dozen or so Eurocrats can't all be wrong (see here and here. Oh, and here, and here).

But the big whoppers came from our own intrepid PM, Jan Peter Balkenende:
Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende lashed out at the SP, saying that the faction is acting as if the Netherlands had given up its veto right.

He says the Netherlands is still able to reject European decisions with regard to social security and defence and other areas.
The Netherlands has given up its veto rights. And is does not have the possibillity to reject EU decisions, once they're made. We already discussed that earlier. Not to mention the post yesterday, about the 'orange (or is it red?)' card procedure.

Still trying to convince us it really tastes like a lemon, apparently.

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