Lying through their teeth

One thing is for sure: Our politicians are not above lying through their teeth about the 'mandate'. On his own blog (NL), Dutch State Secretary Frans Timmermans stated with dry eyes that a 'red card option' *is* in the treaty (scroll down the comments to 26-06-2007 09:29:31).
There is most certainly a red card for national parliaments, because a majority of parliaments can force the commission to withdraw or change a proposal. About this misunderstanding have come up in the press, because some thought that every parliament separately would get a veto right. But that never was the intention of the Dutch government, as was extenively discussed with the Second Chamber.
But we already discussed this: The only thing the majority of parliaments can do is ask the Commission for an 'elaborate explanation' within 8 weeks after the proposal is made. After that 'elaborate explanation' is made there is no possibillity, I repeat: no possibillity, to force a change to or a withdrawal of the proposal.

The only thing that might happen is that faced with enough resistance the EU Commission decides some ammendments to the original proposal are expedient. But the horrid fact is that national parliaments are completely dependent on the goo will of the Commission for any changes and/ or withdrawal. The EU Commission, through the much heralded 'orange card' is essentially free to do as it, and it alone, sees fit. National parliaments be damned. Claiming anything else is an outright lie. Who does Timmermans think he's fooling?

If the Timmermans example is the measure of our politicians then what worth the claim that it is 'just an amending treaty'? What worth anything our 'betters' tell us about The Turnip? Indeed, what worth our current leaders?

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