More on the impact of Christianity

In a new FF, Fjordman deals with some of the criticism he received for his ideas on the influence of Christianity on Western mentality: A New Balance Between Rome and Jerusalem.
Unlike in Christianity, where Christ sacrificed himself to wash away your sins, in this new Christianity without Christ, there is no possibility of redemption. And since it’s unbearable for us to live with this guilt for real or perceived past sins (again, a secularized version of the Christian concept of original sin), the only way we can free ourselves of this sin is to rid ourselves of our culture and everything that makes us “us.” We thus end up sacrificing ourselves. This secularized, post-Christian version of Christianity clearly isn’t sustainable. If left unchanged it will leave us powerless in front of Islam, and we will lose.
There is, of course much, much more. Go and read. Both pieces, if you have a little time to kill.

[UPDATE001] And on Brussels Journals Fjordman urges us Euros to get off our behinds and DO something: Europeans Have to Stop Talking. They Have to Act.
I hear some observers say that the political elites in Western Europe are "powerless" to stop Jihad street violence. But they are extremely aggressive in suppressing criticism of continued Muslim immigration, which indicates that they are not powerless, they are actively hostile to native non-Muslims. It's time Europeans realize that, and act accordingly.
He's right, you know!

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