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Fjordman posted his latest on Gates of Vienna: On the Impact of Christianity. In this piece Fjordman argues that christian ethics (unlike christian believes) are deeply ingrained in the secular left. And that it is precisely this ethic (without the complementary belief system) that is causing the crisis of confidence in the West in general and in Europe in particular.
As Euripides said: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Well, the West is currently stark, raving mad, and sometimes actively hates itself. We feel guilty about past colonial history or slavery, but Muslims have done the same and worse, and never produced any of the great advances for mankind that we have, yet they don’t feel even the slightest guilt over this. One component of Western self-loathing is the idea that we should we be punished for crimes, perceived or real, committed by our ancestors before we were even born. It could be argued that this idea has its roots in the Christian concept of original sin. Christian ethics have proved more durable than Christian beliefs. Even when we have supposedly left the religion behind, we still believe we have to make atonement for the sins of our forefathers, but since we no longer believe that Christ has made that sacrifice for us and washed away our sins, we end up sacrificing ourselves instead.

[INSTANT UPDATE] Also read the comments on this excellent post. Some rich food for thought and excellent points are being made.

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