Or maybe not (UPDATE: Or maybe too...)

Well, that was quick. Were we maintaining last night that a referendum on the new 'amending treaty', aka The Turnip, was not likely to be held, today De Telegraaf (NL) reports that the PvdA (Labour) fraction in the Second Chamber (lower house) of parliament is for a referendum on the new treaty.

Thus, it seems that despite the wishes of the coalition cabinet, there is now a majority in the Second Chamber for the Referendum. SP, PVV, GroenLinks and D66 (liberal democrats) indicated earlier that they favor a referendum. Together with the PvdA the pro-referendum camp now holds 77 seats (out of 150). The VVD (liberal conservatives) has yet to decide its view on the issue, which means the majority may grow larger still.

[UPDATE001] Here's the Dutch News item on this story. Note the final paragrapg in the link:
Nevertheless Tichelaar told the Telegraaf that his party would abide by the terms of the coalition agreement which states a new referendum will only be held if backed by the Council of State.
An escape clause if there ever was one. This whole thing is far from over...

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