Rubbing our noses in it

Any lingering doubts that the new 'amending treaty' is something very different from the EU Constitution are rapidly removed by the EU-rocrats. They can't seem to help themselves, they seem to have an irresistable need to gloat.

Brussels Journal serves up some choice quotes by various EU-rocrats crowing victory.
All the Constitution is there! Nothing is missing!
Jean-Louis Bourlanges (Liberal, France)

We kept the substance of the Constitution
Jo Leinen MEP, Committee President (Socialist, Germany)

We have the same thing but we regressed for transparency and clearness
Enrico Baron Crespo MEP (Socialist, Spain)

It's incredible to see all what they slipped under the carpet!
Gérard Onesta MEP (Green, France)

Formally, it's not a constitution but it's a big step to the constitution
Carlos Carnero MEP (Socialist, Spain)

Our political union finally has a Constitution
Johannes Voggenhuber MEP (Green, Austria)
And to add insult to injury, EU Referendum adds the views of, amongst others, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the father of this hideous beast, and the airheaded Margot Wallström.

So, if all these apparatchicks are saying the mandate specifies a treaty that is identical to the EU Constitution, why are we told it is 'just an amending treaty', nothing to worry about?

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