Slowly getting there

With the new outburst of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage (formerly known as the Religion of Peace) even the most dedicated elements of the multicult are starting to have doubts. In a piece called Hope for Old Europe? Fred Siegel quotes from the notoriously left-wing Guardian.
Blair, who is about to leave office, has knighted Rushdie. A Pakistani legislator greeted the announcement with a call for suicide attacks on England. Blair responded in turn with aplomb.

Writing in the Observer, the jihad-friendly Guardian’s Sunday paper, left-wing journalist Will Hutton has admitted that “the space in which to argue that Islam is an essentially benign religion seems to narrow with every passing day.” “The West,” he continued, “provokes Islam not by doing anything, although what it does is hardly helpful; it provokes at least some strands of Islamic thought simply by being.” That means “the only way we can live together peaceably with Islam is if we don’t compromise our own values.”
It has been a long time in coming, it is only one persons opinion, one swallow does not a summer make. I know. But it is a hopeful sign.

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